Are you charging customers yet?

Think price per transaction is the deciding factor for payment processors? Think again.

I know you’re a smart entrepreneur, that’s why you’re here. But getting the lowest cost per transaction might not be the best decision factor.

There are a ton of other things going in to payment processors, and it’s surprising how many people don’t know all the questions to ask. Things like:

Short-circuit the decision making and get to the best option faster.

You can’t afford any more time to invest in browsing the web, making phone calls, taking notes, and organizing all of it just to decide how you’ll handle your online customer billing.

The truth is, you have product, it’s ready for an automated billing service and you need it yesterday, but which do you choose? How do you choose? Or do you bite the bullet and roll your own knowing you’ll be spending countless hours and/or dollars on connecting to some services API only to find that you neglected some part of PCI compliance?

Wouldn’t it be much simpler to easily filter through reviews and details of the services that give you what you actually need? What if there were a way you could see every decent option before you and find least expensive, most flexible, most powerful partner for getting your billing done?

With just the click of a mouse you’ll have everything you need to make choosing a recurring billing partner the easiest and best thing you do for your business. You’ll look back on your startup days and smile because the Recurring Revenue Roundup helped you get to the bottom line faster than your competitors.

You have business to worry about; you can’t afford to waste time.

We’re working hard to categorize and review all the options for you. We’ll keep your on our exclusive notification list and tell you when it’s ready!

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I’m Jim Gay, owner of Saturn Flyer and I’ve been helping my client’s build their businesses for over a decade.

I’ve got a wonderful family, but with 3 young boys to chase around I understand the need to save time and cut to the chase when it comes to business decisions.

Burrowing your way through the mountain of options for something so crucial to your business is tough work. I’ve been there and I’ve spent plenty of time doing it. Each time I needed to find the right billing service I spent hours and hours of my time researching options only to do it all over again the next time.

Save time. Save money. Sign up.

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